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Our Services

Pallet Pick Up


We can take used and broken pallets off your hands. Depending on the condition and size, we can pay fair market value and offer pick up services as well.

Pallet Design

Talk to us about your wood packaging needs. We can recommend the best design based on our 50+ years in business. Site visits are also offered to learn more about your product and usage.
Trailer Drops Covers

Trailer Drop

If you consistently accumulate used or broken pallets, we can dedicate a trailer to your location. Your pallets can be stored inside and when full, we can pick up the full trailer and drop an empty one. Payments are offered depending on the size and condition of the pallets.
Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a service where we take the responsibility of keeping you stocked with pallets. A representative can be sent to your location on a fixed schedule who will keep track of your inventory and make sure you never run out of pallets.